Monday, October 19, 2009

Clip-In Hair Extensions: Create A Wardrobe!

Aah...the convenience and comfort of clip-in hair extensions!

If you are looking for a temporary extension style for a special event, night out on the town, proms, wedding, etc make for a very hot accessory! Easy to apply and you can do it yourself. As with any type of hair extension application, you will get what you pay for in quality and appearance. Some people are content with an inexpensive quick fix which you can mail order or purchase at the local beauty supply, and some people prefer higher quality custom designed clip-in hair extensions created to their individual specifications.

A number of my own clients have created a collection of clip-in hair extensions to fit their moods and style for the day. Length, density, color, texture, curly or not, and style can change with your own creativity and daily wardrobe selection.

So just as one might collect shoes and handbags...why not create a clip-in hair extension wardrobe, too?

Peace, and have a Great Day!

The Hair Extension Expert